Best Cat Food Reviews for 2017

Find the best food for your cat by reading our reviews. We covered four types of cat food so find the one that suits your cats needs.

food for cats

When it comes to conversations about cat food, everyone is just throwing passionate opinions around, discussing whether the cats should be fed like they’re in the wild or they should avoid the carbs, whether they should eat dry food or consume the wet food for the better hydration, and similar topics. For an average cat owner, a debate of this kind could be really confusing – it could make figuring out what his or her car should eat a hard thing to do. But have no worries – we’re here to help you with our honest and unbiased reviews of the best cat food!

Select a Specific Type of Cat Food to See Reviews and Comparisons

dry food for cats

Dry Cat Food

The dry cat food usually comes in conveniently sized bags and is less expensive than the wet food. In most cases, it offers an excellent mix of various products that your cat needs, and you can leave it in the bowl and let your pet eat it throughout the day.

wet cat food

Wet, or Canned Cat Food

The wet cat food comes in pre-measured portions (it’s canned), and its high-moisture content will give your pet more water. Wet cat food is an excellent choice if your cat needs to stay hydrated due to kidney problems or other urinary-related issues.

sensitive stomach cat food

Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

Some manufacturers make special food for those cats that have sensitive stomachs, with this food usually containing some unusual proteins. These proteins should change the meat in the diet of your cat, and thus clear up your pet’s tummy problems and make him or her happy once again!

senior cat food

Cat Food for Older Cats

Even though your cat is still acting and looking like it’s young, that doesn’t mean that you should give it the same food that it has always eaten. The cat food for older cats will give your pet the nutrition that it needs – such food can also slow down the progression of various diseases.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Cat

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Checking the Animal Protein

Whenever you’re buying food for your cat, pay special attention to the list of ingredients. The ingredients with high amounts of moisture will be on top of that list, while those at the bottom offer key nutrients but weigh less due to the lack of water in them. And since the cats are carnivores, there will always be some type of an animal protein on the list – coming from poultry, beef, fish, and other types of meats. Some of the best animal proteins include arachidonic acid and taurine – look for the packages with these animal proteins.

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Considering Grains

There are grains in many different types of pet food – these ingredients provide a very good choice of carbohydrates for the cats, as they can easily metabolize them and then use them as powerful energy sources. However, some owners still prefer to avoid the grains, as they believe that the diets that are low in carbohydrates and high in protein are a far healthier solution for their cats. But the grain-free diets aren’t at the same time low-carbohydrate diets in all cases – they are usually replaced with some other source of carbohydrates, like the potatoes.

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Taking Life Stage into Account

One other thing that’s very important when it comes to buying cat food is the nutritional adequacy statement that can be found on the package. In most of the cases, this statement will look something like this – “This food is balanced for adult maintenance,” “This food is balanced for reproduction and growth,” or “This food is balanced for all life stages.” It’s very important to choose the package that contains food that fits the life stage of your cat – as you may already know, the nutrient needs of the kittens are quite different than those of the adult cats.

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Analyzing Nutrients

The “Guaranteed Analysis” is something that you’ll find on every food package for cats, usually listing the amount of fat and protein (by percentage), as well as the amount of moisture and fiber (also by percentage). If you want a precise comparison between two types of cat foods, you will have to convert these values to a dry matter basis, since the moisture content can really corrupt the regular kind of comparison. Although the “Guaranteed Analysis” provides the exact measure of nutrients in the food, it doesn’t provide info about the quality of these ingredients – and that’s a very important thing to remember.

Top Cat Food Reviews

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten dry cat food


royal canin feline kitten food review

Everyone knows about the Royal Canin – this is one of the most famous food manufacturers for cats, and we’re always pleased to have their products on test. We’ve decided to take a closer look at one of their most popular kitten-specific foods – the Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten dry cat food, which can be bought in three different-sized packages and has received a lot of praises from the owners. The manufacturer claims that this food is great for the digestive health of your pet and that it boosts the cat’s immune system.

This Royal Canin Feline Kitten Food is designed specifically for the kittens of the 2nd stage (meaning that they’re between 4 and 12 months old). As you know, kittens have some pretty unique needs, since they’re growing from day to day, which is exactly why the Royal Canine decided to make something especially for them. Whichever of the three packages you choose (3.5lbs, 7lbs, 15lbs) you will get a mix of ingredients that are great for the kitten’s digestive system, as this combination offers excellent nutrition. Some of the ingredients include chicken by-product meal, brewer’s rice, corn, egg product, chicken fat, fish oil, and others.

When it comes to detailed analysis, a single package of Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten dry cat food contains 34% crude protein, 16% crude fat, 8% moisture, and 4%crude fiber. As far as we’re concerned, we think that this type of food is an excellent choice for your kitten – these rich ingredients that we’ve mentioned are guaranteed to boost the kitten’s immune system, which is quite important since he or she is still in the process of development. It also provides enough calcium for the optimal skeletal growth – we can do nothing else but recommend it!

Purina Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Wet Cat Food


purina fancy feast classic pate review

Purina is certainly among the most well-known pet food manufacturers – there’s no way you haven’t seen one of their TV ads throughout the years! In this review, we’re going to take a look at the very specific product from their “Fancy Feast” line – the Classic Gourmet Wet Cat Food. As the name suggests, the primary component of this cat food is the “classic” mix of the meat ingredients – beef, turkey, and chicken. It can be bought in two different versions – one brings 24 cans of food, and the other 30.

The “Fancy Feast” line is well-known to all passionate cat owners – there are many different products in it, each bringing a different kind of food for the cat. As we said, this one contains a fine mixture of beef and poultry, with all pieces having a savory texture and the aroma that your cat is certainly going to like. The manufacturer suggests that the daily dose of the Fancy Feast Classic shouldn’t go over one can per three and a half pounds of the cat’s body weight during one day (and for the kittens – twice this amount).

We should also mention that this food for cats is grain-free and that it comes in recyclable cans. All in all, we can safely say that the Purina has done it once again – they’ve made a fine mix of poultry and beef that comes in 24 and 30 cans versions at the affordable prices. This smooth gourmet pâté is guaranteed to give your cat a reason to impatiently wait for every meal – for the cats, this mixture tastes and smells great! This is yet another great product from Purina and one that certainly deserves a recommendation.

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Cat Food


hills science diet sensitive stomach review

Next up is the cat food for those cats that have sensitive stomach and skin – if you think that your own cat falls into this category, this is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Just like many other Hill’s Science Diet’s products, this one is also quite affordable. It can be bought in three different sizes – 3.5lbs, 7lbs, and 15.5lbs, with all versions bringing your sensitive cat the nutrients that it needs in order to stay healthy and lively. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients inside the package:

Some of the primary components of the Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Cat Food include pork fat, egg product, whole grain corn, brewer’s rice, oat fiber, and many other ingredients. When it comes to detailed analysis, there’s 31% of crude protein here, 18% of crude fat, 3% of crude fiber, as well 10% of moisture. All of this provides a balanced nutrition that will give the cat with a sensitive stomach a gentle digestion that it needs, as well as the proteins required for the healthy skin and the glossy coat.

We like the fact that the Hill’s Science Diet cat food contains no preservatives or artificial flavors and colors, and that it has antioxidant benefits that have been proven clinically. The abundance of vitamin E and the combination of healthy ingredients are exactly what the sensitive pet needs, and we think that buying a package of this food can’t really turn out as a mistake – after all, it’s quite affordable, and it won’t cost you much to try it out. Cats with sensitive skins and stomachs need a special kind of food to stay healthy and we think that the guys and girls at the Hill’s Science Diet have managed to create just the thing that they need.

IAMS Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food


iams protective health senior adult review

As the name of the product suggests, this food was manufactured with older cats in mind – just like the kittens, the older cats also require a different set of ingredients in order to stay healthy. We’re quite familiar with the products made by IAMS – and that is exactly why we couldn’t wait to see what will be the next sort of food for cats they will release. It turns out they decided to put their attention on the needs of the senior cats – a package of this food will bring them a load of significant benefits.

The IAMS Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food can be bought in three different styles – Mature Adult, Mature Adult Hairball Care, and the Lively Senior, as well as in three different sizes (3.5lbs, 7lbs, 16lbs). When it comes to ingredients, this food package contains things such as chicken fat, corn grits, dried egg product, dried beet pulp, and many others. This formula nourishes healthy joints and bones, which is of crucial importance if you want to keep your senior cat healthy. It will also help the older cat keep its healthy body weight, as well as nourish its heart with a 7-essential.

One thing that we really like here is the fact that every bite will scrub the teeth of your cat (because of the crunchy kibbles) and thus reduce the plaque that builds up over the time and produces bad breath. In conclusion, we can safely say that is a good buy – not only does this senior cat food bring a lot of health benefits, but it has also been recommended by some veterinarians and can be purchased at quite a reasonable price. As far as we’re concerned – it is absolutely worth buying.

Foods Your Cat Should Avoid

canned tuna icon

Canned tuna

Even though the cartoons are teaching us that there’s nothing that the cats love more than canned tuna, the truth is, actually, quite the opposite one. Even though it is an excellent source of protein, this kind of fish contains high amounts of mercury – and this can lead to poisoning.

chocolate icon


We, humans, are obsessed with chocolate – it’s one of the most popular and tastiest kinds of food. But the cats, on the other hand, aren’t big fans of it, and for a good reason. It can give them an abnormal heart rhythm, which easily leads to death.

coffee icon


Rare are the people who don’t drink coffee every day. But that doesn’t mean that you should give it to your cat – a high amount of caffeine can kill the cat, with symptoms of the caffeine poisoning being the rapid breathing and heart palpitations.

raw eggs icon

Raw Eggs

Many of us know how unpleasant it can be to get the food poisoning from the bacteria such as the E Coli or salmonella. That’s quite a good reason to avoid giving raw eggs to your cat – these kinds of bacteria could be lethal for it.

bread dough icon

Bread Dough

As you already know, the dough rises and becomes a loaf of bread. You wouldn’t want that happening inside the tummy of your cat, would you? The dough that expands inside the stomach can be extremely harmful to your cat, while the fermenting yeast can produce alcohol and cause alcohol poisoning.

grains icon

Grapes and Raisins

Even though its tiny mouth looks ideal for the grapes and raisins, you shouldn’t give them to your cat – such an action could easily result in a kidney failure. Even the smallest amounts of grapes and raisins can make your pet sick – store them far away from your beloved Mr. Mittens.