About Us

We at Your Pet Clip are the biggest pet enthusiasts you’ll ever meet! There is nothing that we love as much as our pets (well, apart from our parents, siblings, and spouses, of course), which is exactly the reason why we decided to get together and start writing reviews and articles about pets – we know how hard it is to be a first-time owner, and we want to use our experience to help you out. For a lot of people, the cats and dogs are an important source of happiness – we love our furry little friends and would like to keep them as healthy and happy as possible.
And the only way to do that is to give them quality food – the one that won’t cause them to have digestive and immune problems but keep them agile, active, and lively. But for the first-time owner, finding the right pet food can be an incredibly daunting task – there are literally hundreds of different brands on today’s market! Without some knowledge about pet food, it’s very easy to pick the wrong package and, for example, give your little kitten the food that was made specifically for the senior cats.

The best way to avoid these kinds of situations would be to read our professionally written reviews and articles – they are honest and straightforward, and should give you some insight into which kind of food should you be feeding your pet with. We’re not biased towards any brand or a company, and it is our goal to provide clean and correct information and to, therefore, make the whole selecting and purchasing process a lot easier for you. We approach every review with utter seriousness and professionalism, and we can assure you that we’re not fooling around while testing out the product – remember, every member of our team is a pet owner as much as you are.

Our goal is to make this website into a place that every pet owner will visit with joy – whether he’s a first-time owner or an experienced enthusiast. We would like to be your primary source of information when it comes to questions and problems that are related to your little, furry companions – we know a lot about them and want to keep them healthy and happy as much as you do. Remember – an active and happy pet can make even your gloomiest day into something unforgettable!